Our Building Certifiers

Our accredited Building Certifiers offer thorough and independent building certifications, in a timely manner, and provide comprehensive communication at all stages of the project.

We constantly keep abreast of the latest regulations, and strive to continue to develop our knowledge in all aspects of construction standards, ensuring our expertise remains current.

We have an intimate understanding of council practices and expectations, and so can assist in the following:

• Assessment of plans relating to new or altered projects

• Inspect construction work at mandatory stages

• Provide Certificates of Inspection to the contractor

• Issue enforcement notices when necessary

• Provide final Certification documents for completed projects

Our expertise encompasses:

• Technical building practices and related engineering, design & construction practices

• Building related law, and the implications of those laws

• Building codes and standards

• Risk assessment and management principles relevant to design and construction projects

Leave It To Us

Whether it’s a new build, extension, renovation, garage, structure, fence, wall, swimming pool or the like,
we have the knowledge & expertise to guide and assist you in gaining the most timely approvals possible!

Capital Building Approvals specialise in the South Eastern Queensland region, as well as servicing all other Queensland regions.

Contact us today for a discussion about your requirements, and how we can establish the necessary solutions to your needs.

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